My name is Mayra, I am native Spanish translator and this is a description of my training and professional experience.

I am a professional freelance translator with a Master degree in Translation, seven years of studies in translation, interpreting and localization. I had excellent teachers at the Ricardo Palma University, Lima (Peru), the most reputed Peruvian university in translation. Most of my teachers had professional experience in Peru and abroad as interpreters, translators, linguists, language teachers and researchers. I have the same opinion about my professors at the University of Kent, Ohio (USA), who used to establish a flawless organization by providing students with a constant rhythm of work. The evaluation was weekly in order to nourrish the acquired knowledge and skills. During my stay at this university, I obtained good grades and I liked meeting students from different countries.

After acquiring study and work experience in the English language, and with the purpose of keeping the knowledge and skills in the French language, I decided to travel to France to continue my studies. Consequently, I decided to pursue a Master’s program at the University of Strasbourg which proposed a course in the area of ​​localization. During a team-based project consisting in localizing (translating) a computer-aided translation software (a CAT tool), I could approach the field of localization in a practical way. This experience not being enough for me, I followed a certified training in localization of software and websites, studying the engineering, project management and terminology aspects. This training was organized by The Institute of Localisation Professionals (TILP) and was a complete program in theory and practice. In this regard, I am grateful for the financial contribution of Mr. Stoquart of the Stoquart translation agency in Mons (Belgium) and the University of Strasbourg who paid for my training.

It was in the Stoquart translation agency where I did an internship as a project translation coordinator. I was in charge of the global management of the projects, namely: the order receipt, the receipt and analysis of the source material, the selection of  linguists, the distribution of content to translators, the creation of the project file, the receipt of the material in the target language and its verification, the monitoring of the translation quality, the delivery,  invoicing, closing the project, the translation memory updating and monitoring.

Continuing with my localization training, I also attended a video game localization seminar. This seminar was organized by the prestigious Localisation Research Center of the University of Limerick (Ireland). Personally,  I found interesting to use localization for the translation/adaptation of educational resources in video games format or any other interactive multimedia material, for languages teaching (or any other matter).

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