California 1

A set of photographs of my first trip to California. These photos make part of my portfolio of traveling and work related to culture and languages.


Recent work

Take a moment to read about my recent work and the latest projects I participated in.

  • Senior Editor: review of Spanish translations in the fields of web, customer service, banking.
  • Terminologist: Spanish translation of glossaries in diverse fields, so far: travel, web, customer service, videogame, beauty products and cosmetic sectors.
  • French into Spanish translation of letters.
  • French into Spanish translation of terms for an online dictionary.
  • Spanish proofreading of newsletters written in French. Fields: tourism, travel, business and marketing.
  • Website localization. Translation for an enterprise selling valves and fittings for industrial hoses.
  • Creative writing of articles for an entreprise’s blog in the fields of traveling, tourism, marketing, services, gastronomy.
  • Mandate translation.
  • Certified translation of a driver’s license.
  • Localization of products terms.
  • Power of attorney translation.
  • English and French into Spanish e-commerce MT-post editing and localization: 230 000 post-edited words in the fields of internet, web, e-commerce, electronics, cars, bicycles, business, gardening, home and decoration, textile and clothing, sports, jewelry, cosmetic and beauty products, leisure.
  • Spanish proofreading of a debate’s report and a report on the construction of a potable water supply network. Proofreading of a text about palliative care.(Volunteer).
  • Revising  task from English into Spanish of training modules on sport and intercultural sharing for immigrants. (Volunteer).
  • Revising task from French into Spanish of a document about the right to access to water in the communities of Itaba (Burundi). (Volunteer).
  • Spanish proofreading of marketing content in the fields of tourism and travel.
  • clothing, sports, jewelry, cosmetic and beauty products, leisure.


Work Experience

Spanish Sworn translator

February 2018
The day of the oath in the Court of Appeals, Saint-Denis, Reunion Island, France. February 16th, 2018.

Language teacher and translator

Work experience in Peru as a language teacher and translator. Embassy of India in Lima, Plan NGO, Olympic Peru (oil company), volunteer translator and proofreader for The Rosetta Foundation and TWB.



A set of photographs illustrating my studies.

Modern languages department, Universidad Ricardo Palma, Lima, Peru.

Translation and interpretation studies in English, French and Spanish.


Kent State University

Spanish to English translation studies. KSU, Ohio, USA.


University of Limerick, Ireland

Video games localization seminars. 2011 Localization Research Centre Summer School, University of Limerick, Ireland.
Certified Software and Website Localisation Professional training by TILP.  Belgium, 2010.

Brussels, Belgium

A set of photographs illustrating my study, work and travel experience related to translation and languages. This portfolio will always be under construction :).