Varied translation background

Generally speaking, I have forged my translation experience in the fields of oil, diplomacy, journalism, e-commerce, textile and clothing, electronics, social, children rights, CVs, general and letters. During my university studies, the fields of translation that I had practice on were: legal, financial, technical, scientific, literary, advertising, general translation and website and software localization.

I worked in Peru as a translator for a NGO, an oil company and an embassy. I have also volunteered as a proofreader and project coordinator for The Rosetta Foundation. I have done internships in translation project management and translation. I did an internship as a project translation coordinator in the Stoquart translation agency. I was in charge of the global management of the projects, namely: the order receipt, the receipt and analysis of the source material, the selection of  linguists, the distribution of content to translators, the creation of the project file, the receipt of the material in the target language and its verification, the monitoring of the translation quality, the delivery,  invoicing, closing the project, the translation memory updating and monitoring.

My translation activity at present

I currently work as a freelance translator, based and registered in France. My last jobs involved translation in the fields of: tourism and travel, internet, e-commerce, sport & outdoors, textile and clothing, electronics and legal. I have also participated (and participate) in projects related to terminology, creative writing and proofreading. Since 2018, I am a French and Spanish sworn translator and interpreter in France. I  also volunteer as a Spanish translator and proofreader for Translators Without Borders. If you would like to read about my recent work, please visit this page.

Language teaching

As for my experience in language teaching, I worked as an English teacher in the language centers of two Peruvian universities. During this experience, I adapted myself to different working environments, schedules and students. I used different methodological books to teach British English. I had a great time with wonderful students who were willing to succeed. I had mostly students aged of 17-25 years. In 2017, I worked as a Spanish teacher in public secondary schools in the Reunion Island, France.  Currently, I propose Spanish tutoring for students who might have difficulties, or students who would like to go further in the learning of the Spanish language and culture. I like doing tutoring because it is a way to share love and interest for my mother tongue. Below, some photos of my language teaching experience.

You are welcome to read more about my studies and the language services that I propose.