Generally speaking, I have forged my translation experience in the fields of oil, diplomacy, journalism, e-commerce, textile and clothing, electronics, social, children rights, CVs, general and letters. During my university studies, the fields of translation that I had practice on were: legal, financial, technical, scientific, literary, advertising, general translation and website and software localization.

I worked in Peru as a translator for a NGO, an oil company and an embassy. I have also volunteered as a proofreader and project coordinator for The Rosetta Foundation and I continue volunteering as a Spanish translator and proofreader for Translators Without Borders. I have done internships as translation project manager and translator.

I currently work as a freelance translator in the fields of tourism and travel, sport & outdoors, internet, e-commerce, textile and clothing, electronics, business. Since this year, I became a French and Spanish Sworn Translator and Interpreter in France.

As for my experience in language teaching, I worked as an English teacher in the language centers of two Peruvian universities. During this experience, I was confronted and I adapted myself to different working environments, schedules and students. I used different methodological books for teaching British English. I had a great time with these wonderful university students who were willing to succeed. I had mostly students aged of 17-25 years, and sometimes 40 years old and plus. In 2017, I worked as a Spanish teacher in public secondary schools in the Reunion Island, France.  Currently, I propose Spanish tutoring for students who might have difficulties integrating Spanish or who might want to delve into Spanish language and culture. I like doing tutoring because it is a way to help and to share love and interest for my mother tongue.

Finally, some years ago I started an online business and as an entrepreneur I have to deal with the commercial, accounting, fiscal, information technology, international trade, marketing, textile and social networks. In this context, I constantly rely on my  knowledge and skills on languages, translation and computing.

You are welcome to read more about my studies and the services I propose.